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Welcome to the Silvertail Membership Portal!

Congratulations on getting started with Silvertail Property Training & Education! You've made a smart decision in taking the steps to setting up a passive income through property investing.  Your new  back office and property purchasing and investing bible has multiple components, consisting of in-depth Video Training, Documents, Checklists and Property investment software.

Over the last 20 years, my team and I have built up many successful companies from scratch, had an active involvement in over 200 property related deals generating millions of $ of revenue for ourselves personally, our clients and the economy internationally.  We have hundreds of people start and continue to succeed in their property investment journey. From a 20 years old generation Y’s to retiree’s planning a wonderful lifestyle that are making money so they can now live life on their terms.  And now, it's your turn...

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. You just made a big investment, and there’s a lot of content to go through. Relax. Take a deep breath, and think about the journey ahead. You now have the tools and my team’s personal roadmap to become a successful buyer and invested in property. The videos, worksheets, and software on this site are the product of 20 years of lessons learned in the property industry both residentially and commercially. (Plus thousands of hours of note-taking!) It’s the best of the best, and it’s my sincerest hope that it will ultimately help set you free from the rat race.

On that note, it's time to get started! For the first step, I suggest you start with the course videos.

Just remember: this material is only as good as the person applying it. Take action towards your goals… and the world can be yours :)

To your success,

Nidal Rasheed
Founder & Managing Director
Silvertail Property Group